termo max 500 kw
termo max 500 kw
termo max 500 kw
termo max 500 kw
termo max 500 kw

TermoMax 500 kW

TERMOSTROJ boilers are 100% efficient electric boilers for central heating. Boilers are equipped with all the necessary working and safety components that allow easy use and great reliability.

The boiler reservoir is made of 4 mm steel sheet and it is hydraulically pressure tested at 8 bar. Maximum working pressure is 6 bar. Outside protection shell is made of 1,5 mm steel sheet and protected with electrostatic plastification. Immersion heaters, made of stainless steel Incoloy 800 are installed from the top side of the boiler.

The boiler is suitable for connection to most heating and water processing systems, with a maximum working pressure of 6 bars and a maximum temperature of 90°C. It can also be used in multiple boiler installations to achieve greater outputs. Standard control panel enables connection of several boilers in cascade (without limiting number of boilers). Total boiler power can be achieved in 7 or 15 power steps. Each contactor supplies one heating element (15kW) and is protected by automatic 3-pole fuse.

All user controls are situated on the front panel of the boiler; there are no user controls inside the boiler casing. The boiler has water level instrument that prevents switching on the heating elements without presence of water or before boiler has been fully vented. It is also fitted with frost protection. If the boiler is installed in cold environment where freezing could occur (while the boiler is out of work), then anti frost protection switches on. It means that boiler can be switched off on control panel but frost protection is still active – when temperature in boiler drops under 7°C control panel will automatically switch on the heaters and rise the temperature in the boiler over 7°C to prevent frosting. Voltage on control panel must be present for this function.

The boiler is designed to operate in sealed system (ie. no open vent). An adequate expansion vessel must be installed in the system.

Easy-to-use electronic control panel with outside temperature compensation sensor ensures additional protection from pump blocking as well as antifreeze protection of boiler and heating system. Can be used for radiator or underfloor heating. Automatic modulation of boiler’s total power in 7 steps.

Warranty period for boilers is 12 months.

TermoMax 120 - 180 210 - 300
Heating energy output* 120, 150, 180 kW 210, 255, 300 kW
Dimmensions and weight
Width 743 mm 1033 mm
Height 1420 mm 1420 mm
Depth 780 mm 780 mm
Weight 274, 289, 297 kg 366, 386, 396 kg
Power supply
Three phase YES YES

* rated on 400V 3N 50/60Hz